Tech Gift Guide: Phone camera lenses

For the selfie fanatics on your holiday list

These add-on camera lenses won't be a miss.

They are small and compact and easy to carry

All over with you to capture the moments of merry.

This four-in-one option slides on top of your phone.

One side is a fisheye -- it makes things look a bit blown.

The other fits more with a wide-angle effect,

While the macro lens shoots tiny things, hard to detect.

First Published: December 16, 2014: 7:34 AM ET

So don't fret a minute, check out those sets!

We live in the picture-taking message bottle era, it's a sure bet.

You can give it to a grown-up, teen, kid -- girl or boy

And have a Happy Christmas and lots of gift opening joy!

They fit on your phone like a well-tailored glove,

So the pictures you take will go from "Like" to "Love."

They are easy to mount and switch on the go

With this little gadget you'll shoot like a pro.

phone camera lenses photojojo Photojojo, $100

The night before Christmas is approaching fast

And finishing gift shopping makes you aghast.

So many things to buy, so many people to please!

Here are some tech gift ideas to make your shopping a breeze.

phone camera lenses olloclip Olloclip, $80


This set comes in four pieces, each lens one-by-one.

They snap on your smartphone magnetically, isn't that fun?

The telephoto lens is particularly neat,

It brings distant objects right to your feet

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