Five Characteristics that Weaken Your Personality

3- Rudeness:

- Sometimes you have to message in a bottle have a dominant personality whether at work or at home to make sure that things go right. Sometimes you have to order your co-workers to get a job done but you can never do that rudely.

- Being rude is a cover for a weak personality. Most of the bullies at school have a weak personality and in order to maintain the balance and force a more dominant and strong personality out, they show themselves of as rude and cruel. This is one of the weaker sides of people.

2- Pointless arguments:

- Sometimes people become indulged with pointless arguments where no one would win.

- If you bring an argument with a proof that supports your case then you will eventually win; however, if you continue to argue while there is no proof and while you know that you are going to lose eventually then you will be looked down at and you will be called valentines day gift a sore loser.

A strong personality is not necessarily a dominant personality. People who believe that they have a strong personality will not necessarily be dominant because a strong personality is merely based on your ideas, idols and thoughts. You could have a strong personality and yet still listen to people and accept a fair judgment and accept a loss. 47 year-old Animal Attendants and Instructors Langston from Gander, spends time with pursuits like snooker, Valentines Day Gift and rc model boats. Loves to see unfamiliar cities and places like Koutammakou.

Winning is not the main characteristic of a strong personality, but rather acceptance is the true trait of a strong personality.

4- Anger:

- Most of people see anger as a sin that can be so devastating and it could fire back at its owner.

- The reason why anger is a quality of the weak is because anger is consuming; thus, it consumes it owner and there they have no power on their decisions.

There are plenty of other characteristics that could preview you as a weak person; many of your movements such as looking people in the eyes and walking with your back straight will show the strong personality which you have whereas walking with your back bent or avoiding eye contact could immediately give people the impression that you have a weak personality.

Avoid the bad impressions and calculate your moves and your actions very well because most likely you will be judged and if you are going to be judged by human eyes you should leave a strong impression.

Now, there are many mistakes people who have strong personalities fall in while showing themselves to others. First impressions are very important and many people do not have the ability to pass the first test of personality; not because of weakness, but rather because they forget that the little details matter. It's a matter of knowledge that makes people who have strong personalities fall in such mistakes.

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5- Blaming others for one's own mistakes:

- People who tend to throw the blame of their small mistakes on others are usually people who cannot accept defeat.

- The weakness in there comes from the inability to accept the punishment or receive the blame for doing something wrong; not because you want to be prejudice to others but rather because you cannot live with guilt.

1- Hiding your weakness:

- By exposing your weakness to people with a smile on your face, you give them a very strong impression that even though they know that this spot is weak, they will not have the ability to harm it.

- When a man cries, many people claim that he lost his honor while he, in fact, has gained a lot of respect for knowing when to be sad.


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